Alto Cryptogame Challenge – meet the finalists

The summer weeks will be long, hard ones for the five development teams who won through to the final round of Alto’s Cryptogame Challenge.

Out of the 30 initial applicants, those five were selected on the uniqueness of their concepts; now each must put their proposals into practice. Over the course of this month, Alto has provided insight into each of these contestants.

Alto’s Cryptogame competitors


Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Codeglue is the development studio behind such titles as Terraria, Four Pillars of the Antegods and Rocket Riot.

Codeglue has previously been focused on development for next-generation consoles with blockchain gaming being a recent departure.

Brainfunc (Biohackers)

Led by Tejas Nikumbh, Brainfunc is a small team based in India with a focus on neuroscience as the subject of its game concept.

Together with a team of medical advisors, Brainfunc intends to create one of the first neurologically and medically accurate adventure games via blockchain.


Based in Nigeria, Ugarsoft‘s blockchain division consists of specialists from both Nigeria and Finland; the team has been responsible for the development of blockchain platforms such as the Switch Wallet, and blockchain game CryptoBarons.

Digital Token Alliance –

While it was founded in Germany, it’s currently headquartered in Thailand; the DTA consists of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. It’s lead by Frank Duffner, who has been responsible for games like Gears of Steel, Retro Wings and Zombie Rush.




Based in Tokyo, it consists of a team of four and the desire to demonstrate the potential of blockchain in the world of gaming while also proving that they can be as absorbing and addicting as current mainstream games.

While working on the game concept for Alto’s Cryptogame challenge, called Treasure Dungeon, Kiokumushi is also working on Memory Insects, a blockchain breeding game.

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