Top performing blockchain games – July 2018

Welcome to the first in our monthly roundup of the top performing blockchain games running on the Ethereum blockchain.

NB: We’re using data from open sources such as DappRadar and StateoftheDapps and looking at three different performance metrics:

  • MAUs
  • Transaction Volume, and
  • Transaction Value

So here are the games making waves in July 2018.

Top performing blockchain games in July 2018 by Monthly Active Users


Monthly Active Users – 3,136

While CryptoKitties continues to stand as the largest blockchain game, the number of users that play it has fallen 23.6% in July.

Fair City

Monthly Active Users – 1,487

Compared to other games on this list, Fair City is still in its beta stages with 0 value in terms of ETH against it as it undergoes continued development.

What’s surprising is that despite being in beta, it has overshot more established games like Gods Unchained to become the second largest game for MAUs.

Gods Unchained

Monthly Active Users – 1,440

Since its release, Gods Unchained, developed by Fuel Bros, has positioned itself to appeal to a now evolving esports market.

With the decrease in CryptoKitties MAUs, games like Gods Unchained may be somewhat responsible for shortening CryptoKitties lead.

Top blockchain games by Transactions



Transactions – 90,074

Over July, the number of transactions has increased, which could be attributed to a couple of factors.

With the game being built on Ethereum, the increases to transaction costs may have prevented users from breeding or trading.

The team recently announced updates to the breeding system which came in conjunction with the deflation of transaction costs, which may explain this increase.

Gods Unchained

Transactions – 19,212

When Gods Unchained was announced on July 13th, it included a pre-sale of packs of cards, from which, 10% of all sales is put into a prize pot for the tournament it intends to host in 2019.

These factors explain that, while initially experiencing a high volume of transactions, the activity steadily decreased into late-July.


Transactions – 12,524

0xUniverse is undergoing a major spike to MAUs (290) and transactions, this is in part due to the beginning of its planet pre-sale this month.


Top blockchain games by Value

Gods Unchained

Value – 3,554 ETH

While its value has become more static than during its launch, the reason for Gods Unchained outstanding value is because, unlike other games, it retains a certain level of value from card sales which serves as a prize pot for its tournament expected in 2019.


Value – 898 ETH

While the number of transactions has increased, CryptoKitties overall value has been in a state of flux throughout July.


Value – 108 ETH

0xUniverse encountered a large spike in its overall value during mid-July but has since remained relatively stable.

Supporters of the game insisted on a planet pre-sale, which 0xUniverse introduced in early July, both its volume of transaction and value indicate that 0xUniverse is among the largest contenders in the space for now.

For more information on any of the games mentioned, check out their websites here:


Gods Unchained


Fair City

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