The Forge Arena announces ‘strategic partnership’ with WAX & OPSkins

WAX is continuing to grow.

Both WAX and OPSkins are entering into a strategic partnership with The Forge Arena, a competitive, 5v5 First Person Shooter.

The announcement was posted by The Forge Arena CEO, Artur Minacov on August 20th.

The Forge Arena & WAX / OPSkins partnership

Minacov continues in the comments of his Twitter to provide additional details, mentioning that users will be able to sell on their existing skins while also buying and applying WAX / OPSkins decals to their in-game weapons.

The Forge Arena has major ambitions as a game, with its early access launch taking place on August 21st at 11 pm, players will be able to battle against opponents in a series of arena battles.

In an interview with Nvidia Geforce, Minacov and Simon Bourdon, CEO of Freezing Racoon, the game’s publisher, illustrate the desire for the game to become a major esports title, with Minacov alluding to a future esports circuit taking place ‘close to September’.

To find out more about The Forge Arena, visit their website here.

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