Azarus tests out its streaming platform to great success

Blockchain is finally live streaming, sort of.

Azarus, the game challenge network, has been testing out its system with the Twitch streamer, Griefdrums, and two other broadcasters.

Within the conclusion of the first broadcast on September 13th, Azarus reported some very promising results:

  • Unique Viewers – up 2,340%
  • Avg. Viewers – up 2,283%
  • Peak Viewers – up 1,988%
  • Unique Chatters – up 1,717%
  • New Followers – up 31,900%
  • New Subs – up 31,925%

About Azarus

Powered by the EOS blockchain, Azarus aims to create a new dynamic for gamers and streamers by providing challenges. If a gamer or streamer manages to complete a smart challenge, they’re rewarded with AZA tokens which players can then spend in its marketplace.

To find out more about Azarus, visit its website here.

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