B2Expand’s Nexarium is officially available on Android app store

The wait is over for Android users this week its app store now officially includes B2Expand‘s Nexarium app. Being the culmination of 8 months of work, the app itself will serve as the companion app to Beyond the Void.

Much as the B2Expand team has stipulated in the past, Beyond the Void provides players with a ‘parenthesized’ approach to blockchain.

Not making it readily apparent to players, but available should they choose to make use of it for in-game trading.

The launch of Nexarium means that players will be able to engage in a wider marketplace with fellow players.

Alternatively, they will be able to buy in-game assets from the B2Expand store wholesale.

This approach towards leveraging blockchain for Beyond the Void, according to the team, is intended to bring about mass adoption. By streamlining gameplay, and improving User Experience (UX), B2Expand wants to provide the ideal use case for blockchain in gaming.

For more information about the Nexarium app, visit the Beyond the Void Website.

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