0xUniverse now supports the Lumi Collect Wallet

For blockchain game titles, there’s a divide over what sort of solution to use for a digital wallet solution. The selection of a third party wallet, as opposed to a native one, often raises concerns over user experience. For the development team of 0xUniverse, the newly offered support for the Lumi Collect Wallet raises this question.


According to the team, this is exactly why it chose Lumi. Citing it as being a highly secure, mobile-based digital wallet, while ensuring a ‘user-friendly UI experience.’ Lumi does have the added benefit of being quickly usable both on PC and Mobile within 0xUniverse.

This feature allows players to quickly access their planets quickly and seamlessly. While this is useful on its own, early to mid-2019 will also see new features added. Such as the ability to trade and gift planets, launch ships and sign off on transactions within the wallet.

Currently, the Lumi Collect Wallet is available via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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