Alterverse announces new crypto collectible giveaway

Along with having some interesting mechanics within its game, which is unsurprising considering the time it’s been in development. Alterverse has come forward with a new ‘crypto collectible giveaway’ this week.

What makes this giveaway all the more interesting is the fact that the team is giving away items that are fully interoperable across the Enjin Multiverse upon which, Alterverse’s games will exist.

In total, the team is giving away 250 of these blasters, which convert over to the game as Plasma blasters thanks to the ERC1155 token protocol. Along with this weapon, the first 1,500 users to complete the tasks set out by the team will receive another reward.

This reward is the ‘One Cheek Sneak Magic Spell,’ which converts from the multiverse item – The Archspire. The added advantage of these items is that they are fully interoperable with all 17 games available on Enjin.

Find out how to take part by visiting the page.

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