HakuHodo announces TokenCastMedia

As blockchain games become increasingly sophisticated, we’re seeing new approaches towards digital assets within them. From new storage methods, to bridging the gap from one chain to another, and now – broadcasting them on radio.

The concept isn’t as farfetched as it seems, as HakuHodo has announced that its latest project, TokenCastMedia, will aim to do just that. Using live radio broadcasts, the project intends to allow listeners to redeem codes for digital assets.

How it does this is through using a ‘watermark sound’ embedded within radio broadcasts. This watermark is then picked up on the smartphone app and transfers the digital asset to these various users.

While the concept itself untested as of yet, HakuHodo will be organizing initial tests of TokenCastRadio in collaboration with Furanjia: the developer behind the game Cipher Cascade.

For more information about HakuHodo, visit the website.

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