IOST launches its mainnet and introduces six game to its V1 platform

IOST has officially launched its mainnet and has already reached landmark block heights. Specifically, last week saw the official launch of the Olympus V1, with more updates to come throughout march.

But along with this, the IOST has announced a line-up of six games that will be launching alongside the mainnet.

IOST’s Pioneer title – Endless Game

Endless Game was one of the first titles to land on the IOST mainnet, and will likely serve as a test subject for the other titles that will arrive on Olympus in the coming weeks.

While being labeled in the singular,  Endless Game itself boasts a number of games that are steadily being released over the course of March and April.

One of the first will be Endless Dice, followed by a number of other titles.

in total, IOST will be hosting six dapps on its mainnet, including EOS Joy, Liar Game, Realm X, Cell Evolution, and CryptoNinja.

The provisional date provided for the launch of these titles is currently March 10th.

For more information on IOST, visit the website.

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