IOST mainnet launch – one month on

v1 of its mainnet has been running smoothly and very well

With an eye on quality over quantity, especially when it comes to gaming titles, IOST launched v1 of its mainnet. Known as Olympus, it has now been around for roughly a month, and the team has come forward with its results so far.

One of the ways in which IOST hopes to set itself apart from other solutions out there is through its consensus. The Proof of Believability (PoB), in its opinion, helps to close the trilemma which exists for other blockchains when it comes to scalability.

The level of activity Olympus has clocked over this first month certainly demonstrates that it has a possible use case in this debate over scalability. In addition to this, more than 20,000 accounts have since been created over this month, with nearly 17 million transactions tracked so far.

In Gaming – Endless Game

Where IOST also made its mark was in the world of gaming, with Endless Game – one of the first titles on the Mainnet. Being both a casino game, and the first title to join the mainnet on March 20th, its transaction rates have been enormous.

According to DappRadar, since its launch, it has generated a total of 1.2 billion IOST in volume. Considering the scale of user traffic and transactions that come with any casino games, it remains to be seen whether this transaction level and volume will ring true of other games on Olympus.

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