Tiny Rebel Games’ Susan Cummings on immortal pets in web3 [video]

What are the lessons we can learn from the heyday of Nintendogs? How can we take digital pets from one game to the next and achieve truly immortal pets in web3? Dive into these questions and more in this session from the live conference Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023 where Tiny Rebel Games managing director Susan Cummings shares her views.

The immortality of digital pets

Cummings discusses the limitations of Nintendogs. Essentially, Nintendo limited these pets and the players never really had true ownership. Cummings also sheds light on how web3 can solve this dilemma and how her own company’s project, Petaverse Network, can offer not only digital ownership but also proper end-user rights. Petaverse Network can offer reinterpretable metadata as a blueprint or DNA for true interoperability.

Beyond Nintendogs and the future of web3

Cummings summarises web3 in a nutshell: ownership, interoperability, and composability, and goes on to explain the various features of Petaverse Network. Toward the end of the session, she shares her positive outlook for web3 and talks about the evolution of these games from casual to mass market.

This 18-minute talk is ideal for anyone who’s eager to know about how web3 can change the landscape of players’ sense of ownership while addressing issues on NFT price points and more along the way.

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