Top 5 most anticipated games on Solana

Despite, or maybe because of, its historic blow in 2022, the Solana ecosystem has shown robustness during 2024, with multiple games deployed on the blockchain and more in the making.

Although STEPN and Star Atlas might still be the games most people associate with the network, in terms of active users, Genopets, Honeyland, and recent social media craze Fantasy Top, are currently in the top on Solana.

Notably, there are numerous other anticipated games currently brewing with revamped features, whilst others are preparing for global launches on the network.

Nyan Heroes

One of them is cat-themed hero shooter Nyan Heroes from 9 Lives Interactive, which recently launched Pre-Alpha V2 via Epic Games. Titled Hunt for Catnip, this version features new missions, and ranked play. In conjunction with the release, the team has also announced an exclusive free mint on NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

MixMob: Racer 1

Ahead of its mobile launch on 14th May of strategic racing card game MixMob: Racer 1, the MixMob team has dropped a new game trailer. 

Powered by MXM token, MixMob is a wider gaming ecosystem built on Solana, with MixMob: Racer 1 being its first release.

Seekers of Tokane

Following news earlier in 2024 of the sunsetting of Aurory Tactics due to cheating, the team has dedicated more attention to its RPG Seekers of Tokane. Integrated across Solana and Arbitrum, Seekers of Tokane is preparing for its next release, Citrine, along with a starter pack expansion. In line with MixMob, the Aurory team has also released a new teaser trailer ahead of the Citrine season. 

Seekers of Tokane is currently available via Epic Games Store, with a mobile-based version currently in development.

LowLife Forms

Another shooter building on Solana is sci-fi RPG LowLife Forms, has also garnered a wave of attention since recently releasing its early gameplay footage.


Finally, not expected to launch until 2025, but nonetheless a title that’s generated significant noise is Colony from Parallel Studios. 

An AI-driven survival simulation game, Colony is the second title from the Parallel team and an integration with Parallel’s wider ecosystem and PRIME token.

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