IOST equipped to create a bridge to Facebook’s Libra?

The past few months have been good for the IOST team. Having introduced the dApp-using world to its first iteration – Olympus – back in March, it’s since managed to outperform older chains.

While pause has to be given when considering the demography of dApps on IOST so far; which consists of a large number of gambling titles. One thing that does stand out as interesting comes from one of its partner nodes.

This one being White Matrix, which recently announced the creation of its first online IDE. Standing for ‘Integrated Development Environment’, this ultimately allows for a bridge between IOST and… Facebook’s Libra.

ChainIDE, having first been introduced on June 26th, offers an interesting prospect for users. Not only supporting DeFi and gaming apps, but also any kind of solution that requires a smart contract. Ultimately, ChainIDE looks to provide a rapidly acting bridge between IOST and a potential community of 2.7 billion users.

At least, this is the future goal of the team. For right now, ChainIDE provides developers with a cost-effective means of creating a smart contract which can be deployed on MOVE, IOST and Ethereum.

The prospect of adding Libra to this IDE is an interesting one, regardless of personal feelings towards the new chain solution.

There is no concrete timeline for when this bridge will be provided just yet.

For more information, visit the page here.

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