Blocklords switches from IMX to Polygon

Despite previously launching NFTs on the ImmutableX blockchain, BlockLords‘ developer MetaKing Studios has announced it’s now partnering with Polygon Labs to launch the medieval strategy game.

It didn’t give a reason for the change but it’s not the only game thinking about such changes. Open world shooter MetalCore just announced it was moving from Polygon to use Immutable’s zkEVM tech. Ironically, however, MetalCore had originally signed a deal to use ImmutableX.

The move leaves Blocklords in the interesting position of having to get its existing users to migrate their now-legacy assets from IMX to Polygon. It’s also started to issue new hero NFTs on Polygon.

More generally, Blocklords is an anticipated hardcore MMO strategy game that’s been in various forms of development since 2019. It will have a player-driven economy, political warfare, and a unique dynasty system that will enable players to pass down character attributes to their descendants.

“It is truly remarkable to see what the Polygon Labs team has been doing for mainstream adoption, and we are thrilled and lucky to have them on board as we move toward game launch later this year,” commented CEO David Johansson.

Polygon Labs’ head of global business development Urvit Goel added, “We’re delighted that MetaKing Studios has chosen Polygon to power their revolutionary AAA-level blockchain game. Blocklords is unlocking the power of web3 for gamers by allowing them to benefit from digital asset ownership and utility. Supported by Polygon’s scalable, low-cost solution, Blocklords has the potential to go stratospheric.”

The developers at MetaKing have previously worked at gaming giants, including EA, Ubisoft, Disney and Apple.

Find out more at the Blocklords’ website.

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