Blockchain Games Directory

Your growing list of games that use, or depend on, blockchain technology. You’ll find every style and genre, from gambling to RPGs. If you have a product that should be listed here, please contact [email protected]

Age of ChainsKilian KunstCollectibleBitcoinLive card game set in a decentralized future.
Age of RustSpace Pirate GamesAdventure and puzzlesEthereumBeta sci-fi shooter.
Axie InfinitySky Mavis CollectibleEthereumLive, raise and battle fantasy creatures called Axies.
BlockFightBlock and Chain GamesIdle FighterHalo PlatformLive gives players a chance to pit monster against monster in a selection of highly detailed arenas.
Cryptic LegendsCryptic LegendsCCGAeternityBeta tactical card hero game.
CryptoKittiesAxiom ZenCollectibleEthereumLive, trade, and collect cute kitties. The kitties can breed as well, which gives you more options for animals you're looking to trade.
CryptoPunksLarva LabsCollectibleEthereumLive pixelated unique punks. Only 10,000 in existence.
CSCLucid SightSpace MMOGEthereumBeta your very own starship and explore the galaxy! Battle, trade, mine and craft across the planets you discover.
DarkwindsMEGO, Corp.Card BattlersEthereumBeta piratical cards and use them to fight against other players in the battle arenas.
DecentralandEsteban OrdanoMetaverseEthereumLive large virtual world where you can buy and trade land. View it in a web browser or strap on a VR headset to get a different experience.
Gods Unchained Fuel BrosCCGEthereumLive, turn-based and multiplayer-driven gaming. Competitive weekly tournaments with massive prizes.
HedgieHedgie IncCollectibleEthereumBeta cute hedgehogs. No two hedgehogs are the same.
HuntercoinXAYACurrencyEthereumLive for cryptocurrency in a large game world, and struggle with other players to keep a hold of your resources.
IQeonIQeonGaming PvP PlatformIQNBeta is gaming platform where you can take part in the competitions with other users in various popular games and get IQeon digital asset (IQN) for the best result.
MegaCryptoPolisMegaCryptoPolisStrategyEthereumLive chunks of land and build cities on them.
Neon DistrictBlockade GamesRPGEthereumBeta cyberpunk RPG with a neat style that lets you collect and evolve cards.
0xUniverse0xGamesCollectibleEthereumLive the universe, conquer new planets, and earn money as the population mines them for resources.
Pocket ArenaEmojigameseSports/Marketing platformStellarBetahttp://pocketarena.comPocket Arena Coin (POC) is a decentralised gaming token that gives control back to the players by allowing them to own and trade their in game items safely.
Reality ClashReality Gaming GroupLocation/AREthereumBeta AR mobile game that's all about getting the biggest weapons and using them to shoot people.
Soccer Manager EliteXAYASportsXAYABeta evolution of soccer management games utilizing blockchain technology.
Spell of GenesisEverdreamSoftCollectibleEthereumLive action reflection game with blockchain-based heroes.
SplinterlandsSplinterlandsCCGHiveLive, collect, and train monsters, then fight them against the creatures of other players to see who has the best tactics.
StrykingStryking GmbHCollectibleEthereumLive football game using stats based on real life players
TaurionXAYATurn-base strategyXAYABeta completely decentralised MMO with elements from 4x, RTS and RPG. A full sandbox persistant world with combat, mining, trading and more.
Town StarGala GamingFarming strategyEthereumBetahttps://go.gala-gaming.comTown-building game based on new Gala blockchain platform.
The SandboxPixowlUser-generated content metaverseEthereumBetahttp://sandbox.gameA decentralized gaming ecosystem for game creators and voxel creators to monetise and trade their contents on the blockchain
The Six DragonsBlockPegnioMMORPGEthereumAlpha open world MMORPG.
VolitionCryptogogueCCGEthereumBeta clever take on the collectible card game. Own cards on the blockchain that you can print out.
War RidersCartifiedMultiplayer vehicle combat gameEthereumBeta you ready for a real apocalypse on the blockchain? If so, then fill up your tank and buckle up! War Riders can build their own war vehicles from scratch with customized logos and messaging.