Top Trending – biggest stories in blockchain gaming

We take a look at some of the top trending stories from this week

This week has been an ecstatic one for blockchain gaming, as we take to the conference floors. Between the Blockchain Gamer Biz team, we took the time to visit the Crypto Games Conference in Minsk, and Blockchain Expo in London.

It was also good to see the Auctionity and Blockchain Cuties Universe team hosting a successful auction at the former. But, rather than dig into these details here, let’s go over some of the major announcements and stories from this week.

1) IOST introduces mobile log-in system to improve mass adoption

IOST has been growing considerably over the past few months, managing to surpass Ethereum with its line-up of dApps. While this list is still in the process of growing on its Olympus network. The team is set upon making itself easily open to mass adoption.

2) The Abyss successfully launches its Minimum Viable Product

The Abyss team has officially announced the completion of the Minimum Viable product of its digital distribution platform. Along with this, the team will soon be releasing its desktop app in conjunction with its first wave of client game titles.

3) FreeLoadr introduces invite only beta of its game platform

There’s a great deal of GPU power that can be made use of for companies, with the right incentive. One of the ways that FreeLoadr intends to do this is through providing its users with its own virtual currency.

4) Waves introduces its new incubator program for long-term development

The introduction of the Waves Grant Program brought with it a lot of opportunities for aspiring developers. But the team intends to provide more capital in support of aspiring individuals and development teams. How exactly it plans to do this is through its incubator program which was announced this week.

5) Blockchain Braintrust – fighting out for funding

Taking an idea from some kind of blueprint to place it in front of investors is an uphill struggle. If securing seed capital is a challenge for mainstream games, it gets to be far more complicated with blockchain.

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