Top Trending – biggest stories in blockchain gaming

From some newly completed migrations to the quickest item sales on record, blockchain gaming continues to astound.

We’re also counting down until the beginning of our spectacular debut in Hong Kong.

To celebrate, we took a quick look at some of the big names in the Pacific.

You can check out that report right here. But, for right now – Check out just some of the big stories from the world of blockchain gaming this week.

1) USS Enterprise is coming to CSC thanks to Star Trek licensing deal

Lucid Sight has announced a deal with CBS Interactive to bring Star Trek into its forthcoming space trading and combat game CSC (aka Crypto Space Commanders).

2) CryptoKitties coming to Decentraland

Picture frames are shots into another world and time. But for CryptoKitties, these allow players to bring their kitties into the virtual world of Decentraland. This is one of the new mechanics introduced by the CryptoKitties team in order to really delve deeper into item interoperability.

3) How MakerDAO intends to streamline mass adoption for blockchain games one title at a time

With the conclusion of the CryptoChicks event over the previous weekend, it represented the debut of MakerDAO in CryptoWars.

4) Project Genesis now listed on Steam

Having hosted a closed pre-alpha test of its gameplay, Project Genesis is bringing the show to the gaming community. More specifically, this comes from the news that 8 Circuit Studios will be featuring the title on Steam – the online gaming community and marketplace from Valve.

5) Loom Network fully integrates with TRON and featuring exclusive Relentless cards

Having announced its intention to integrate a few weeks ago, Loom has now fully integrated with TRON. In the team’s opinion, making itself available across multiple blockchains will help drive mass adoption.

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