july, 2018

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Join us for another night of blockchain game pitching, token airdrops, game panels and free food and booze! This time, we’re in Santa Clara, California!

Last month, we spoke about blockchain games in general. Now, we aim to discuss specifically why the gaming industry could and will ultimately take crypto towards adoption. Game developers will also pitch their games!


Martine Paris, Tech Reporter/Contributor at Blockchain Gamer, Pocket Gamer, Geekazine, BuzzFeed


Alex Casassovici, Co-Founder CEO at Azarus, International speaker on Blockchain and Games
Toni Xu, CEO of Super Game Chain
Aram Hami, Community Manager of Super Game Chain


6:00 PM – Sign in and networking!
6:30 PM – Panel Discussion (with audience participation)
7:15 PM – Game & Crypto Project Pitching
7:30 PM – Networking & Speak To Panelists
8:00 PM – Closing
*Event information may be subject to change until July 23, 2018. Any changes will result in an immediate e-mail notification. We are almost done confirming our speakers and game pitchers.

Martine Paris is a Tech reporter covering trends across AI, AR, VR, IoT, cybersecurity, consumer electronics, robots, drones, mobile, gaming, entertainment, wearables, fashion tech, healthtech, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, connected home, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain. She is also a contributor to Blockchain Gamer, Pocket Gamer, BuzzFeed, AOL Music, Huffington Post and Geekazine. Frequent speaker featured on NPR broadcasts, at SXSW, PAX, GamesBeat, Pocket Gamer Connects, and other leading conferences.

Alex Casassovici is the Co-Founder & CEO of Azarus, an Ubisoft partner and platform for tokenized game challenges. He is also an international speaker on Blockchain and Games and has 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and tech consultant. He began his career doing advanced research in molecular biocomputing and since then founded and managed multiple companies in the mobile tech and virtual reality sectors. Alex is a great addition to the blockchain and gaming world, and his insights have helped a lot of people thrive in the space.

Aram Hami is the Community Manager of Super Game Chain and blockchain enthusiast. He has co-owned and ran a private RuneScape gaming community with over 250,000 registered forum members and 2,000 active players 24/7. He’s worked for organizations across California to create fundraisers and events, and has a passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Toni Xu is the CEO of Super Game Chain. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a master’s degree and a Distinct Graduate Award. She developed and published many apps and games tops the leaderboards with tens of millions of users. She copublished Facebook Game of the Year: Wartune, which led 4 publishers to go public. To give everyone an identity and feel of belonging in the digital world that’s connected to the physical world is her dream, and she’s embracing any new technology to pursue this vision. She wants to see Super Game Chain as the destination platform and chain for gamers alike worldwide.

More speakers to come!

Super Game Chain (SGC) aims to provide the ultimate Blockchain solution for the gaming ecosystem. SGC protocol will help developers raise fund, acquire users, and generate consistent revenue with the latest blockchain technology. SGC client will help gamers establish their gamer identity, invest and connect with developers without third-party in-between.


All Day (Friday)


OnePiece Work

3120 Scott Boulevard

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