Unstoppable Domains launches hub in The Sandbox

Web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains has announced its entry into The Sandbox with a new game titled Unstoppable Meta Cube Experience

Co-developed by Funguy Games-creator Tuschay Studios and BoopGoop, Unstoppable Meta Cube Experience is a live multiplayer game where up to four players claim territory by coloring tiles on a game map. Using their avatar, players aim to strategically paint the most tiles in the Meta Cube to score top of the leaderboard.

The Unstoppable Meta Cube Experience enables users to own avatars and NFTs that are interoperable across all games in The Sandbox. Moreover, it allows users to interact live within the game, and UD domain holders can socialise and collaborate in a hangout lounge on Unstoppable Domains’ land. 

In addition, users will get access to a marketplace featuring exclusive wearables to enhance their avatars. Each of these items represents various aspects of the player’s journey, from milestones to participation in specific events, which gives players a chance to showcase their achievements.

As a measure to encourage early users, players participating in the experience during the initial week will be offered a free collectible item.

“We look forward to seeing how this venture will drive new audiences to discover the fun possibilities of the metaverse and drive more community engagement to Unstoppable Domains holders and their audiences,” commented The Sandbox COO Sebastien Borget. 

Unstoppable Domains COO and Head of Business Development Sandy Carter commented, “This venture celebrates how digital identity can become a dynamic part of the gaming universe, giving players a stage not only to play but also to express and differentiate themselves.” 

Unstoppable Meta Cube Experience marks the beginning of Unstoppable Domains’ venture into the The Sandbox, with future integrations expected further down the line.

“The metaverse is the perfect canvas for innovation that reflects our commitment to empowering users with control and creativity in their digital lives,” added Carter.

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