AI-powered avatar creation coming to web3 MMORPG Uldor

Web3 game developer Max level Studios has announced it’s integrating AI character creation in its forthcoming MMORPG Uldor.

Titled Alara, the AI tool enables extensive customization creation, allowing players to craft their ideal in-game avatars with detailed precision. Among its multiple features, Alara can recommend styles and adjustments, as well as generate complete character designs based on player inputs, communicating via text or voice. 

Additionally, one of its abilities is generating thematically consistent NPCs, ensuring that related characters share familial traits, while regional characters exhibit distinct cultural markers. This builds on the broader narrative-rich theme of the world of Uldor.

Blending PVP combat with its open-world experience set in a dark war-torn world, Uldor aims to blur the line between heroism and villainy. Introducing the AI-powered character creator Alara in the MMORPG “empowers player creativity and enrich the game’s storytelling, says Max Level Studios founder and CEO Chris Adcock.

“It not only streamlines character design but also perfectly integrates NPCs into the game’s lore. This tool can populate entire towns with authentic characters, maintaining thematic consistency across families and regions, and making Uldor’s world deeply immersive and interconnected.”

In development since 2021, UE-built Uldor is an extensive MMORPG featuring PVP battles with the option to join various factions. Set in an open world with additional adventures and missions, its forthcoming ERC-20 token RUNI is set to be introduced closer to the game’s public launch in 2025.

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