Animoca and Darewise unveil Bitcoin protocol OPAL

Animoca Brands has unveiled new Bitcoin protocol OPAL.

A joint initiative from Animoca and its subsidiary Darewise Entertainment, OPAL aims to become the leading Bitcoin-based web3 ecosystem spanning across gaming, entertainment, defi, and education. It will be underpinned by OPAL’s Runes token BLIF, which is already implemented in Darewise’s MMOG Life Beyond. 

As well as Animoca and Darewise, OPAL partner companies include Xverse, Alex Labs, Magic Eden, Open Campus, Enjinstarter, Helika, Horizen Labs, Op3n, Azarus and Pixelynx. To encourage sustainable ecosystem growth, Animoca has introduced an initial Proof of Value Work (PoVW) system, which rewards members based on their contributions. As early adopters of BLIF, OPAL’s launch partners receive a token grant to ensure their active participation, in exchange to their commitment to enhancing the utility of BLIF during its first year.

Animoca Brands executive chairman and co-founder Yat Siu commented, “With the advent of Ordinals, Bitcoin made the giant leap from simply being a way to store value to becoming a store of culture for the web3 age. Building up our presence on the Bitcoin chain through the exciting work of the OPAL Protocol will help to advance our vision of an open metaverse in which all people have the opportunity to enjoy digital property rights and benefit from the power of network effects.”

Developers interested in joining the OPAL Protocol and utilize the BLIF token can apply to become a member here.

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