127 blockchain games now listed on Epic Games Store

There are currently 127 blockchain games on PC games distribution platform Epic Games; almost double the amount listed at the end of 2023.

More significant than the number itself, is the actual games which are listed. Of those, the most prominent titles include MetalCore, Parallel, Blocklords, Star Atlas, Apeiron, Nyan Heroes, and Shrapnel.

It’s worth noting, however, that many of these games aren’t formally live yet, rather they’re undergoing time-limited or key-gated playtests.

Among the other games listed as live we find Aurory’s RPG Seekers of Tokane, Rough House Games’ PVP RPG Champions Ascension, open world racer Wilder World, auto-chess game Illuvium, third-person shooter Mars Battle, monster-tamer RPG Zeeverse, Blowfish’s mech battler Phantom Galaxies, Ghost Ivy’s FPS Haven’s Compass, Cometh’s TCG Cosmik Battle, Immutable’s TCG Gods Unchained, Earn Alliance’s zombie survival game Last Remains, and Directive Games’ top-down shooter The Machines Arena.

In terms of the most downloaded web3 games on Epic Games, remaining in the 100,000 region, 9 Lives Interactive’s alpha demo of team-shooter Nyan Heroes and the early access version of MetaKing’s medieval strategy game Blocklords have publicly announced this level of downloads.

A quick overlook of the data reveals that

  • 58% of the 127 games listed is being live in some form, while
  • 28% is “coming soon,” and
  • 13% will be available at some point in 2024.
  • Valannia Arena is taking the long road, listing its availability in Q2 2025.

Among the most anticipated titles labelled “Coming soon” or later “in 2024” we find Mon Studios’ retro MMO Spellborne, Param Labs’ shooter Kiraverse, Acid Rainbow’s FPS Badmad Robots, and Dynasty Studios’ survival shooter Providence, while Everreach’s shooter R3V3NG3 and SpacePirate’s sci-fi action adventure game Age of Rust are expected to launch towards the end of the year.

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