Anomaly launches AI-driven gaming L3 testnet on Arbitrum

Canada-based web3 and AI gaming startup Anomaly has launched its AI-driven gaming platform Andromeda testnet, powered by Arbitrum Orbit. 

Aiming to help developers connect with their community and monetize their projects more efficiently, Anomaly is a gaming and SocialFi L3 blockchain leveraging social platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Farcaster and X. This allows developers to focus on creating blockchain-based gaming experiences while the platform onboards the community to their games.

Two games, Dicestone and Wildstone, are currently using the app chain, with more titles to be added regularly.

Anomaly also leverages AI to drive user engagement, by integrating its Sentience SDK, a feature that enables AI-driven matchmaking, decision-making, player model training, automated quest creation, and web3 asset generation.

With the launch on the Arbitrum testnet, Anomaly will leverage Arbitrum’s Anytrust DAC technology, enabling secure, and scalable execution that allows for 250ms block time, facilitating near-instant transactions per second.

In addition, Anomaly is utilizing Node NFT infrastructure using software developer Gelato’s Node-as-a-Service solution. To incentivize more users, the platform will reward its Node NFT holders on a daily basis.

“With Anomaly, we’re not just launching another gaming platform; we’re pioneering a new paradigm in web3 gaming, that will fundamentally alter the blockchain gaming industry,” commented Anomaly founder Long Do, adding, “Anomaly’s Layer-3 will function as a decentralized game layer with a native AI tech stack, promoting interoperability and platform experience.”

Learn more via Anomaly’s website, and stay up-to-date via its X account.

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