Pixels breaks 1 million daily active users

On 25th April, the most popular blockchain game Pixels made headlines by surpassing a total of 3 million life-time wallets.

But there seems to be no slowing down the game’s upward trend in terms of active unique wallets. Expanding further, Pixels has now hit another milestone by breaking 1 million daily actives, with a total of 1,024,243 wallets signing in to the game on Sunday 12th May.

Browser-based social RPG Pixels, which moved from Polygon to relaunch on Sky Mavis’ Ronin blockchain in November 2023, is also closing in on 4 million life-time wallets, currently sitting at 3.7 million, which is up 23% since 25th April.

The next symbolic mark to reach will be the 1.1 million DAUW peak reached by Axie Infinity in November 2021. Surpassing that would see Pixels as the most popular blockchain game ever.

While some proportion of these users are inevitably bots, Pixels is unique in that it’s also generating an increasing amounts of revenue from over 200,000 players spending $10 a month in Ronin’s RON token to gain a VIP membership.

Find out more about the game, the thinking behind its tokenomics, and genesis in our recent interview with CEO Luke Barwikowski.

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