Jason Brink and his Gala allies leave, set up new org LFG

After four years at Gala Games, its president of blockchain Jason Brink (aka BitBender) has posted an official statement with his resignation, albeit to become an unpaid advisor. A few other team members are also leaving the company.

Continuing the mission to build a strong Gala ecosystem however, these former Gala employees are setting up an external organization called LFG, short for Let’s Fight Giants, which will focus on enhancing Gala’s infrastructure including GalaChain and Gala’s Node ecosystem from outside the company, in a more decentralized manner. 

Brink argues this move better allows him and his allies to support external projects that are separate from Gala. Being so strongly associated with Gala Games, he reassures that “I am never going to leave the GALA ecosystem.”

Notably, in 2023 Gala forked its GALA token to reissue it as v2 GALA. While no feasible explanation was given at the time, news later surfaced about the company’s two co-founders Eric Schiermeyer and Wright Thurston suing each other for hundreds of millions of dollars. Part of the problem was the way the company had been set up to begin with, with its bylaws requiring a 2/3 majority vote for the board to act, but the company only having two equal shareholders.

To that end, Jason Brink and some of the former Gala employees leaving the actual company may prove to be a better way to support the Gala Games ecosystem.

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