FSL unveils new social mobile game Stepn Go

From Stepn to Gas Hero and now Stepn Go, web3 game developer Find Satoshi Lab has unveiled its third title – a revamped version of the initial move-to-earn mobile game with additional social features.

Stepn Go, much like the existing Stepn game, allows players to earn rewards for their physical movement. However, FSL has integrated various social elements to tap into the current trend of social interaction-based games.

For instance, one such feature called The Haus, enables users to lend their NFT Sneakers to others. Users can invite up to five guests, lend them a Sneaker for a set duration, and follow their status throughout. Once the time is up, the lender can get their Sneaker back. This might prove an effective way to onboard non-crypto native players to the game. 

Alongside the game, FSL is releasing the new Go Game Token (GGT), which users can earn by moving outdoors with their connected NFT Sneaker. A PvP leaderboard system will reward players from a pool of accumulated tokens from flagged or cheating users.

Although there’s a daily energy cap of 300, it can be increased by levelling up or burning NFT Sneakers.

In terms of its mission to connect users socially, Stepn Go allows customization of avatars with outfits of varying rarity. Common outfits can be obtained through in-game crafting, while rare and legendary outfits can be purchased using GGT. Avatars are valuable on the game’s interactive map, where users can connect with friends and drop chat boxes to communicate.

These avatars can also be used on FSL’s future social platform, MoonBase, which aims to be the first web3 VR/AR social platform with access granted by FSL ID and FSL Badge – the latter being given to new users upon signing up to the app. To facilitate smoother onboarding, Stepn Go only requires an FSL account, email, and activation code to get started.

For more details, visit the Stepn Go whitepaper.

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