Nominate the best web3 gaming company as part of PG Mobile Games Awards

It’s been a busy 12 months in the web3 gaming sector. One particular trend to highlight is the growing number of web3 game developers tapping into mobile distribution, either alone or as part of adopting a cross-platform approach.

One of the pioneers in this respect is Mythical Games who first launched NFL Rivals in the middle of 2023, which became the best performing web3 mobile title. Mythical later revealed that its popular party game Blankos Block Party is pivoting to mobile-first, while more recently announcing a deal with Pudgy Penguins to release a mobile based party game. 

Notably, Find Satoshi Lab recently unveiled move-to-earn social lifestyle app STEPN GO will be mobile- based, just like its precursor STEPN.

South Korean developer Planetarium released a new mobile version of Nine Chronicles in November, also expanding the game’s infrastructure with a new blockchain.

Immutable’s God’s Unchained was released a mobile version in May, whereas the company’s anticipated squad RPG Guild of Guardians recently launched on mobile. 

Sky Mavis’ flagship title Axie Infinity Origins also moved to mobile from PC during 2023, alongside Ronin onboarding third-party developers such as Zillion Whales and its mobile RTS Wild Forest

More recently, Skrice Studio’s Heroes of Mavia, Wemade’s Night Crows, GFAL’s Elemental Raiders, Pixion Games’ Fableborne, and InfiniGod’s King of Destiny, have all joined the growing catalogue of web3 games built for mobile.

Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2024

To this point, we’re excited to announce that Steel Media, the company behind,, and the Pocket Gamer Connects conferences, will host its seventh Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards during a new month (and at a new location) this year: August 2024, Cologne.

The Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards recognise the sector’s key players during the last 18 months, from the developers making great games to the publishers, tool makers, service providers, investors and more that contribute to building a platform for success.

Most impactful web3 company?

As part of the 22 different categories, participants can cast their choice on the Most impactful web3 company. Nominations can be submitted via the Mobile Games Awards website. The deadline for entries is 17th June.

The other 21 categories include

  • Pocket Gamer People’s Choice
  • Best Advertising & UA Service
  • Best Analytics/Data Tool
  • Best Storytelling
  • Best Payment Service Provider
  • Best Game Engine/Creation Platform 
  • Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment
  • Best Service Provider
  • Best Tool Provider
  • Best Developer
  • Rising Star
  • Best Live Ops
  • Best QA & Localisation Service Provider
  • Best PR/Marketing Team
  • Best Indie Developer
  • Best App Store
  • Best Business Support Service 
  • Best Publisher
  • Best AI Games Tech 
  • Game of the Year
  • Mobile Legend

Time and Place

Date and times: Tuesday, 20th August 2024, 6.30pm-11pm

Location: Cologne, Germany

Ticket Cost: $150

Tickets to the event will be available soon. For sponsorship details, please contact Steel Media CEO Chris James at [email protected].

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