Nominations now open for Top 50 People in Blockchain Gaming 2024

At the beginning of 2024, as the industry was still busy recovering from last year’s hardships, we highlighted the Top 50 blockchain gaming companies we thought would play a major role in the space this year.

Now, half way through 2024, we think it’s a good time to celebrate not just the best companies, but some of the most creative minds and dedicated hearts behind the industry’s continuous disruption and advancement.

To this end, we’re announcing the Top 50 people in blockchain gaming awards, with nominations opening today.

Do you have a favourite web3 game developer or influential person in the industry in mind? Submitting your choice is easy.

Simply fill out the nomination form, or cast your choice and explanation behind it by commenting on our awards post on X. More than one nomination is allowed.

Please note that the deadline for nominations is 30th June. Following the nomination process we will reveal the finalists on 31st July.

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