The Battle is on for mobile gamers with Chain Clash

The success of your Avatars and Clan hinge on you, the player

Your digital Avatars and their performance is up to you! Whether they’re ripped combat machines or squalid loser

This feature is brought to you by the CHAINWISE Group and DNABlock. For more information about the project, be sure to visit them through the links below.

There are only a few games that have a very special emphasis on ‘Clashes’ between players. Within the blockchain mobile world – Chain Clash is one of them – with a special emphasis on just that.

Players can collect, train and battle their own collection/s of unique NFTs or ‘Avatars’, as they’re known in-game.

Rather than just being divided up into 1v1 sessions or training, Chain Clash allows players to partner up with other players.

Effectively, this means that any number of players can form their own clans and battle to display their dominance in the game.

Just what makes this a possibility for the CHAINWISE Group & DNABlock, the dev team behind the game, is its application of EOS as its underlying blockchain solution.

Ripped combat machines? Or Squalid losers for your NFTs

However much attention players put into training up their Avatars, and what kind of these they have are fully visible. The more time you put in, the more this will translate to some sleek visuals and better performance in battle.

The less attention you pour into them? Well, along with being confronted with a less than athletic Avatar, trying to enter it into the ring will not end well.

And while being part of a clan gives the impression that players with well-trained Avatars can pick up the slack for others.

Not so, according to the dev team – as the relative strength of each player and their Avatars reflect on the total strength of the clan.

The better your clan performs against other players, the more interesting and unique assets these players/clan members can earn. The underlying emphasis is put on players; from how much time they want to spend on their NFTs, to the kind of clans they want to compete with and against/

“Chain Clash is a mobile-first browser game, built on blockchain technology, that lets players choose and compete for their favourite crypto clans. Crypto clans resemble communities within the blockchain space like those of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and others.” – CHAINWISE Group

Chain Clash – Streamlining on-boarding

The Chain Clash team has a lot on the cards for 2019, so be sure to check out its community

One of the challenges that comes to mind, especially when making use of EOS for a blockchain gaming title is just how the team streamlines the whole on-boarding process.

Along with being responsible for the secure storage of NFTs within the game, CHAINWISE Group and DNABlock make use of the decentralized wallet and dApp explorer – Wombat.

“Initially listed on Google Play Store, Wombat is a free App which allows users to find and use EOS-based DApps incl. EOS-based payments and transfers. Wombat handles the entire onboarding process.”

The integration of Wombat is a welcome alternative to the often logistical pain that comes with getting started in gaming on EOS. The CHAINWISE Group goes onto explain just how the wallet supports users.

“From EOS account creation to staking resources -users will be able to use their first DApps within seconds. Therefore the user can enjoy DApps without the complicated account creation or staking process.”

“Furthermore, Wombat has an integrated wallet which allows users to buy EOS easily with traditional payment methods if needed.” – CHAINWISE Group.

The future of Chain Clash

While the release of the game has yet to be specified by the dev team for the moment.

But the team has a lot planned for the foreseeable future. Those interested in keeping abreast of the latest updates from the team – check out the website.

What’s more, be sure to visit the team’s Discord chat, where you can dig more into the game.

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