Interview: Christina Macedo on the vision of READYgg and its forthcoming RDYX token

Making blockchain technology adoption easy for game developers, READYgg aims to democratise the mobile gaming space through its extensive ecosystem. Entailing ever-evolving dev tools, platforms and marketplace integration, READYgg is also preparing to launch its RDYX utility token.

To find out more, we spoke to company co-founder and recently appointed CEO Christina Macedo.

BlockchainGamer: READYgg has been around in various forms for a number of years. Why have you ended up deciding that blockchain is a key part of your vision?

Christina Macedo: As a founder of READYgg, my vision has always been to democratize game creation, making sure that any gamer, developer, or creator, has the means to bring their ideas to life. Anyone who wants to build should be able to build. And with READYgg, anyone who wants to build can build.

Web3 offers the profound opportunity to extend this democratization. Our tech enables every creator to build in the web3 space and innovate games without obstacles, and at the same time ensures that they truly own everything that they’ve built. Web3 has made our original vision even more genuine and feasible than ever, and it’s a natural progression that aligns with our commitment to empowering creators.

Can you explain how works as a platform, both for game developers and players?

At our core, we empower true ownership and deepen community engagement. We’ve consistently advocated for a model where players, developers, and creators have a tangible stake in the ecosystem, and can directly influence game development and share in its successes.

But we also have to recognize that the gaming businesses is a business. There is the need to generate revenue. So we have also introduced integrated marketplaces as part of our essential infrastructures that enable players, developers, and creators to monetize their work effectively. This moves gameplay beyond fun and interaction into economies where everyone can buy, sell, and trade within the game, adding a layer of strategy and involvement that goes beyond traditional gaming.

So the READYgg platform is actually a community-driven ecosystem that values the contributions of each participant. We ensure everyone has the tools they need to succeed and the opportunity to benefit from their involvement.

What for you is the biggest issue for mobile game developers at the moment and how is helping them solve this?

The biggest challenges for mobile game developers these days are development costs and user acquisition.

Looking at the web3 landscape, there are many specialized but isolated solutions. READYgg’s approach is to develop a full turnkey suite of tools that’s designed to reduce development costs and streamline the process, so developers can effortlessly create and deploy their games onchain. Everything we offer is geared towards enhancing the game economy and facilitating seamless onchain development.

On the user acquisition front, the shift towards true ownership means players own and control their data. We have built user acquisition and campaigning tools that empower developers to engage directly with players, upending traditional models where third parties used to be the ones to capitalize on user data. Leveraging this, developers can offer tailored incentives, enhancing user engagement and reducing the costs associated with acquiring users. 

You’ve said your aim is to bring the first billion web2 gamers into web3. How will you achieve this? 

To simplify the entry into web3 gaming, we have to demystify blockchain technology and make it as accessible as possible. We offer intuitive tools and platforms that resonate with the familiar experiences of web2 gaming. We also partner with existing web2 gaming companies to integrate web3 features seamlessly into their existing games. This will enable players to experience web3 gaming without leaving their favorite environments.

By breaking down the technical barriers that often intimidate or exclude traditional gamers, we’re making the transition a natural evolution rather than a disruptive shift, so that web3 gaming becomes a new standard offering greater control and rewards to everyone within the ecosystem.

How will the forthcoming RDYX token add utility and enhance the READYgg ecosystem?

The RDYX token is a utility token within the READYgg ecosystem that activates our entire tech stack. It allows developers to not only launch their games but also to mint data, NFT collections and more, on-chain, paying with the RDYX token. With this capability, game development is simplified, cross-chain functionalities are possible, and developers can launch their games on their blockchain or blockchains of choice, which promotes a chain-agnostic approach.

On the ecosystem side, the RDYX token brings the community together, empowering developers to build and enabling players to become a bigger part of the ecosystem through various features. Through the delegation protocol, players can use their RDYX tokens to support indie developers, creators, streamers, and esports teams within the READYgg ecosystem. Players become investors and active participants. This helps foster a community-driven environment that aligns with our goal to create a more inclusive and participatory ecosystem for all stakeholders.

How concerned are you by the general volatility in the crypto sector, which can impact projects despite their real world fundamentals?

I think the use case of READYgg is very particular. Our focus is on enabling developers and creators to bring their content into the web3 space. Our platform is designed to support real-world applications by enabling a new form of investment and participation in the digital economy.

This approach helps stabilize our ecosystem by creating tangible value through solid, consumer-oriented products.

What’s your plan for H2 2024 in terms of onboarding more developers and supporting the games they release?

For the second half of the year, we have several major game announcements planned at the end of the summer which will bring in many more people into our ecosystem. In tandem with these launches, we’ll be introducing the Player Dashboard 2.0, an upgraded interface that will improve user experience, providing more intuitive navigation and enhanced features that allow players to interact more seamlessly with the games and the community.

On the developer front, we’re launching a turnkey indie developer dashboard to lower the entry barriers to game development on blockchain by simplifying the process, reducing costs, and providing scalable solutions. Tens of thousands of developers will be able to come in and build onchain easily without technical complexities.

We’re also stepping up our ecosystem support with a full suite of promotional activities and a leader advertising program aimed at spotlighting new games. What we’re trying to do here is to make sure that new titles will get the attention they deserve, and that new developers can capitalize on READYgg’s growing audience for greater visibility and engagement.

Ultimately it’s about building a gaming community where players, developers, and creators can grow and innovate within the web3 gaming space.

Find out more via the website and stay up-to-date via its X account.

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