How ArenaX is utilizing AI, blockchain and gaming

In the latest episode of his Blockchain Gaming World podcast, editor-in-chief Jon Jordan talks to Wei Xie, co-founder and COO of ArenaX Labs, which has raised $11 million for its vision at intersection of AI, blockchain, and gaming.

Xie’s career took a significant turn when he was managing a large liquid strategies portfolio for a Canadian pension fund. His exploration of investment opportunities in AI and blockchain led him to meet Brandon DeSilva, now the CEO and CTO of ArenaX Labs. Together, they leveraged their experience in developing machine learning models for trading algorithms to create ArenaX Labs in 2021.

ArenaX Labs focuses on two main platforms: ARC and SAI. ARC is an AI gaming SDK that it’s used to build the forthcoming Arbitrum-based game AI Arena. The second platform, SAI, is a machine learning competition platform aimed at advancing artificial general intelligence by framing problems as games to attract top talent globally.

Described as a cross between Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon, in AI Arena players train AI agents to fight against each other. The training process leverages imitation learning, a subset of reinforcement learning, where human players guide AI agents.

Xie explained that blockchain technology plays a crucial role in AI Arena by enabling efficient and scalable value distribution to competitors.

Arena X Labs aims to bootstrap competitive e-sports ecosystems using web3 technology, tokens, and NFTs. This approach allows them to grow a base of talented players and foster fandom organically. The use of tokens, specifically the NRN (Neuron) token on the Arbitrum blockchain, integrates deeply into the game’s economy, serving as both a staking and spending mechanism.

Beyond gaming, AI Arena is also seen as an educational tool. As such, it abstracts complex machine learning processes into a game format, making it accessible for beginners. Arena X Labs plans to integrate Ai Arena into academic curriculums to help students intuitively grasp AI concepts. For those showing potential, the platform offers a pathway to more advanced AI exploration through SAI, bridging the gap between gaming and professional AI development.

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