What’s going on with Blankos Block Party?

Whatever it is, we bet it’s super cool

It’s been awhile since we mentioned blockchain game Blankos Block Party.

The much anticipated debut from well-funded US startup Mythical Games, was originally due to be released in late 2019 but the word on the street is Mythical is now aiming for an early summer launch.

Difficult problems

Part of the issue is the complexity of blockchain games, which as well as the usual complexity of making a good game also involve blockchain integration.

In the case of Blankos, Mythical is building the game on a customized version of the EOS.IO codebase, mainly so it can more easily handle onboarding and the creation of wallets.

Not only that, the company is having to create its own standard for NFT ownership, which is called dGoods.

Interestingly, Mythical recently announced dGoods would support Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Tokens tech, suggesting ownership of the blankos characters will go beyond EOS. Microsoft’s technology supports Ethereum for example.

Going all UGC

Aside from the blockchain elements, it also appears the gameplay of Blankos Block Party has evolved from its initial concept, becoming more of a user-generated gaming platform.

That’s significant as titles such as The Sandbox are also looking to combine the Minecraft/Roblox concept with item ownership secured by blockchain.

Given its style and focus on branding, it’s expected Blankos Block Party will be a more specifically game oriented experience – perhaps like LittleBigPlanet – than the open-ended promise of The Sandbox.

You can sign up for details about Blankos Block Party via its website. 

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