Magic: The Gathering company Hasbro sees NFTs as a ‘substantial opportunity’

In its current earning call with analysts, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner commented that “NFT is a real opportunity for us”.

He also revealed that Hasbro already has a team on the west coast of the US that’s leading the company’s blockchain efforts.

“We are actively developing our opportunity here, and we do see it as substantial,” Goldner said. 

“We see multiple opportunities on the NFT side.”

However, no timeframe was provided.

Goldner says more details would be revealed as the company moves forward. 

Hasbro runs many well-known IPs ranging from Magic: The Gathering to Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons and G.I. Joe

Toy and game companies who have announced NFT projects include game makers Sega and collectibles outfit Funkos. 

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