Troy Baker plans, then drops voice-based NFT project

Famed for his work as a voice actor in roles like Batman’s ‘The Joker’, Troy Baker had initially announced a partnership with VoiceVerseNFT. The objective? to create a unique series of voice-based Non-Fungible Tokens.

That partnership was originally announced a couple of weeks ago. But, in the face of both controversy; VoiceVerseNFT having been revealed to have used voice clips from another provider without permission, and negative feedback from his community, Troy Baker announced a U-Turn on the partnership.

In a tweet this week, the voice actor announced this alongside an apology to the community for accusing them of ‘hating’ because of their views on the collaboration.

This collaborative U-turn between a major name/developer and an NFT project isn’t the only one this week. Worms Developer Team17 also announced its decision to withdraw from a partnership with Reality Gaming Group.

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