Future-proof your game with new monetisation strategies beyond traditional mobile advertising

Don’t miss your chance to attend the PocketGamer.biz Mobile Monetiser Summit in London next week, an unparalleled opportunity to hear expert tips on mobile monetisation from the biggest names in the industry

The rules of mobile monetisation are changing, and it’s time to adapt. The Mobile Monetiser Summit, presented by PocketGamer.biz, is coming to London next week, and you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to meet and network with the top developers, publishers and partners all while learning about the key trends in monetisation and the future of mobile advertising. 

This free half-day summit is taking place in London next Monday on April 5th, and missing it isn’t an option. This is a prime opportunity to gain exclusive access to cutting-edge insights from experts and thought leaders on all things monetisation – our experts are sharing the most current, top-tier information on mobile monetisation yet. In this half-day summit, we’re talking about how the rules of monetisation have changed, what the best possible strategies are in 2022 and beyond, and how you can get ahead of the curve in implementing them. We’re also discussing how successful integration of blockchain technology into your game can be a remarkable way of diversifying your monetisation strategies. There will be an abundance of opportunities to connect with the best of the games industry in this intimate gathering. This summit is also taking place right before this year’s Mobile Games Awards and at the exact same venue, so be sure to book your ticket and add that to your schedule and maximise the day’s networking opportunities as much as possible. 

Today, we’re giving you a closer look at the topics that our brilliant speakers are discussing at the summit and why it’s essential you attend. Consider it a sneak peek at the unmissable advice about the top monetisation strategies for the future you’ll be getting at the summit. With billions of dollars at play in the app monetisation landscape, you can’t afford to miss out. 

Why diversifying your monetisation strategies is key for future growth

Diversifying your revenue streams is key to growing any business. When it comes to games, exploring new methods of monetising your game is essential to ensure that your players won’t tire of facing the same strategies over and over. Players are keen for innovation, including unlocking new facets of the game or elevating their gameplay experience through new “ways to pay”. Reducing their exposure to just one type of ad is proven to boost player retention rates, and in order to thrive in the mobile gaming landscape in 2022, a high retention rate is a must-have.

It’s also important to remember that unlocking fresh new ways to get small amounts of money from a large number of players is better than having just a handful of high-value players investing large sums into your game. If you want your game’s monetisation strategy to be sustainable for an audience that’s ever-growing and ever-changing, diversifying your monetisation strategies can ensure you’re appealing to as many players as possible – not just the ones willing to shell out the big bucks. This is key to maximising your revenue as well as engaging your user base. Don’t forget that with an increasingly diverse world comes an increasingly diverse player base that you want to make sure you’re able to appeal to in the future.

Knowing your genre is essential to making the right decisions when it comes to your brand advertising choices. The type of ads that may perform best racing and shooter free-to-play games won’t necessarily be as effective in RPG or simulation games. Knowing exactly what the most effective implementation of non-intrusive ads can be for your game will instantly have you ahead of competition and allow you to focus on other scalable aspects of your business. 

Most free ad-based mobile games base their monetisation strategy on intrusive video ads and banner ads that stop gameplay for players, which AudioMob has found considerably hurt retention rates and have the potential to tarnish a brand’s reputation. The experts agree: a winning ad strategy for 2022 should instead be increasingly inclusive of IAP, IAA, in-game brand experiences, subscriptions, battle passes, and more. Non-interruptive advertisements can make a world of difference for both the player experience and for your retention rates and overall revenue, and adopting these is one of the best ways to future-proof your game.

Don’t be fooled by the previous industry standard. AdInMo’s Developer Trends Survey last year found that more and more developers plan to implement new monetisation strategies focused on non-interruptive in-game ads than any other format, so if you want to stay ahead of the competition, the time to introduce these to your game is now.

For anyone looking to stay on top of an increasingly saturated mobile app gaming market, getting exclusive insights from experts at the cutting edge of mobile app gaming monetisation is an absolute must. If you attend our free London summit entirely dedicated to upping your monetisation strategy for 2022, you can get the secret sauce from incredible experts that are paving the way for new monetisation strategies. 

Benefits to a future-proof, well-planned ad strategy for your game

Long gone are the days where intrusive ads are the best standard that free mobile gaming apps can offer. Without a well-planned ad strategy that is tailored to your specific game and your players, you’re missing out on all the benefits of providing your users with the most personalised experience they can have while enjoying your app and ensuring that your loyal player base stays with you for the long haul. Here are just a few of the massive benefits you could enjoy from a better ad strategy in your game:

So, can you really afford to miss out on an unparalleled opportunity to maximise your ad revenue? There are billions, you read that right, of dollars at stake if you get your monetisation strategy right – getting your insights from the ones making the big bucks in the field can make a world of a difference in your revenue.

All the intel on the future of mobile monetisation technology

With a market valuation of $41 billion in 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are something you can’t afford to not know about at this point. If you’re planning for scaling opportunities in the future and staying ahead of the competition when it comes to monetisation opportunities, there is no overlooking digital asset ownership. Tap into the emerging technology of metaverses and blockchain technology and learn all about integrating NFTs into your future projects and how it can benefit you at our summit. We have experts with proven case studies of success in the field joining us to discuss this next week, and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to connect with them and hear all their top tactics and tips to get your share of the booming crypto market. 

Summit sneak peek

Now that you have an idea of the topics we’ll be discussing at length at the summit, we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek at the actual topics that the experts will be talking about. There’s even more discussions we have in store for you at the summit, this is merely a brief glimpse into what you can expect to hear when you attend.

  • We’re kicking off the summit with The State of Mobile Game Monetization 2022 with Sensor Tower’s Craig Chapple. You’ll learn which monetisation models are most commonly used for each game genre, how these features crossover with each other, and how specific titles have integrated new models successfully.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: Everything you need to know about in-game advertising with Kristan Rivers and Chris Wright of AdinMo. These superstar experts will be discussing how exactly you should implement monetisation strategies in your game. AdInMo lifts the hood on in-game advertising with real examples, case studies, best and worst practices and how to make the most of immersive ads.
  • We’ll also be discussing the State of Play: The Core Trends in 2022 with a star-studded panel including Dave Bradley of Steel Media and Humberto Cimino of Gazeus Games. They will discuss an overview of the ongoing trends in advertising and monetisation strategies.
  • The second solo session titled “In-Game Audio Monetization: Key Trends and how it works!” will be delivered by AudioMob Founder and CEO Christian Facey. 
  • The next panel is discussing Beyond Traditional Advertising: NFTs, Blockchain and the Metaverse. From looking beyond the appstore to premium subscription models and more, find out what to expect looking forward with Daniel Griffiths of Steel Media, Enric Pedró of Tilting Point and Kristan Rivers of AdinMo. You can’t afford to miss out on this one!
  • Get advice from expert panellists on Balancing IAPs vs Advertising Income. They will be discussing tips, techniques and models for ensuring success with your business and the panel will include Dean Day of Greenlight Games and Chris Wright of AdinMo.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? It’s entirely free, too! Don’t miss out on hearing the experts’ exclusive insights. They’ll be sharing their exact secret sauce at this intimate gathering, which means you have to be there if you want to get all the details on how they create a winning monetisation strategy in 2022 that pays off for years in the future. We won’t be reporting on it afterward or sharing quotes from it on social media, so your only chance to hear these exclusive insights will be by attending this exclusive summit next week.

Secure your seat

You won’t get more accurate and current information on mobile monetisation elsewhere, so don’t let yourself miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain expert insight on elevating your monetisation strategy in 2022 and beyond. It’s a completely free opportunity, so you really have no reason not to attend! All you have to do is get yourself to our Central London venue, sit back and enjoy the fantastic advice our stellar speaker line-up will share. Secure your seat at the summit by registering over at our official Eventbrite, completely for free. 

See you on Monday!

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