MetaRace hits the track – virtually and physically

Competitive sports have a very sizeable home in the online space, especially when it comes to blockchain. For many, blockchain technology in the betting and sports sector offers a new way to ensure provable fairness and autonomy for gamers.

Just recently, we reported on MetaRace, the blockchain-based eSports experienced, which follows one of the oldest sports while bringing it into the new world of the metaverse. The reason for the earlier story was because of the team’s successful purchase of the real-world Colt – aptly named ‘MetaRace’.

Purchased for over £70,000, MetaRace offers players the opportunity to compete in its racing world, winning tokens through races, and even the chance to own a percentage of the real racehorse. So long as that player holds MetaRace NFTs and/or tokens – it crosses the realms of real and digital in an interesting way.

It’s a blending of worlds that the team has been pretty excited about too, as the company’s Community Manager explains:

“Going to the racetrack was a first for me and a huge thrill. After the interview with Matt Chapman on Sky Sports Racing, we have been bowled over by the response to both the virtual game and the horse himself.”

Previously, MetaRace (the Colt), was being trained at the famous Whatcombe Stables by Oliver Cole – the popular trainer (and dApp owner), and spirits are high for the horse’s potential on the track:

“[I]t has done him the world of good from a mental and physical perspective, so we can definitely move forward positively from here.”

Whether on the physical or virtual track, players can expect a great deal of variety and challenges to keep themselves informed and on edge. With a unique virtual breeding program, players will need to educate themselves on how to use any one of the four sire NFTs (Genesis Horses) in order to build up their future racers.

Check out the team’s feature on MetaRace – the company’s real-life racehorse.

Also, in case you haven’t already – check out MetaRace here.

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