Blocklords: Games are the answer to the utility and value of NFTs

The rallying cry: “Why can’t NFT-based games be more fun?”

Following an increasingly popular trend, the team at MetaKing Studios believe that games are the best utility for NFT value – and most importantly– should be fun to play. And they’ve made what they describe as “the ultimate medieval metaverse” to prove the point – their new creation, Blocklords. 

Blocklords uses NFT utility to allow players to customise and create their own unique playable hero – a character who’s look and value is determined purely through in-game actions, allowing them to be moulded through choices within the game and your skills.

The MetaKing team say that Blocklords’ “NFTs go beyond profile photos, gimmicky gifs or useless jpegs. Blocklords gives players the freedom to create their own legacy through playable characters – and define their value.”

What’s more, their descendants take on these traits allowing you to literally make history and ensure a prosperous lineage through wise career choices and character interactions.

Just like real life then… Only rather more medieval.

Take a look at the teaser trailer here.

Making NFT-based games fun

Speaking on the stage at the recent NFT.NYC event, MetaKing Studios CEO David Johansson said. “We believe that games are the best utility for NFT value. Though one thing is crucial: games should be fun. Making games is hard, but playing games should be easy and accessible. Playing games should be fun. 

“In the last year, we’ve seen an initial wave of Web3 games. These have been dominated by breed-collect-trade games that focus on marketplace trades and collection-building elements. But instead of playing the game, people are just opening up their spreadsheets, running 50 hot wallets and figuring out the best way to maximize their NFT earnings. Some are even outsourcing the actual gaming. And to what end? To drain value out of the game they’re playing. To dump their assets to the next sucker in line. This must change. 

“We’re moving into a new era. It will usher in deep, rich gameplay that gets people playing games to have fun. Remember fun? We believe players should decide how they interact with games – how they play to build up the value of their digital assets. And here’s the best part: this is not separate from fun, as many fear – it is the fun itself.”

Noble intentions. We can’t wait to see more.

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