Geopoly announces launch of blockchain-based alpha

Geopoly, the economic geolocator sim, has announced that it is launching a blockchain-based alpha version of its game – which is available on desktop. Within the alpha, Geopoly allows users to experience gaming on Polygon, while interacting with the game’s current supply of NFTs and generating income.

Along with providing players with this early look into how blockchain factors into the experience, it also operates mobile and ‘freemium’ versions for them to test out.

The other distinction between the freemium and desktop alpha is the fact that NFT holders on the latter are entitled to earn $GEO – the game’s native token – weekly as a credit for the work they put into the game.

One of the better ways to summarise Geopoly would be as an economic / property development simulator. Empowering users to buy, rent, develop and sell virtual estates and assets based on where they’re located.

While leveraging Polygon as its underlying blockchain, Geopoly was designed with both on and off-chain layers to provide the benefits of blockchain while ensuring a more dynamic and immersive experience.

Geopoly Auctions

Starting in July, Geopoly opened up its own Auction event – enabling players to sell their NFTs in a complete auction format, spanning at least 24 hours. As has previously been the case with Dutch auctions, these sales prove to be an exciting way for users to sell off their NFTs and/or compete against other users to expand their collections.

Some of the more iconic auction items from Geopoly include the London Eye, Flame Towers, the Hollywood Sign and more.

For more information about the game, check out the website here.

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