Pixion Games releases litepaper for its first mobile title – Fableborne

Web3 gaming studio, Pixion Games, has announced the release of the Litepaper for its first mobile-based title ‘Fableborne’. The Litepaper lays out the game’s various components, along with Pixion’s broader plans to create a highly-sustainable, on-chain game economy via its P2O (Play-to-Own) model.

Pixion has been dedicated to harnessing the power of blockchain to provide players with highly engaging gaming experiences. For any game on blockchain, flexibility, scalability and safety are critical attributes for developers and players. To accomplish this, Pixion uses Avalanche blockchain for Fableborne, with the longer-term aim of using Avalanche’s subnet usability.

Fableborne is an action RPG blended with strategic base building created by seasoned industry veterans. Players can build their base, raid their opponents and upgrade buildings and echoes in a world rich or lore with a stunning art style and a fun gameplay loop.

After developing various prototypes over almost the last two years and finding fun in the core gameplay loop, Pixion Games plans to roll out the first playable build of Fableborne in the coming months.

The Litepaper itself, also referred to as ‘The Fableborne Chronicle’, lays out the context and strategy behind both the game and company’s in-game economy/ies, while also addressing issues like surplus issuance through token re-circulation. Providing accessibility and comprehensible onboarding for non-crypto native users is also part of their Tokenomics vision.

Play-To-Own focuses on giving players ownership through play and eventually being incentivized over the accumulated value. Meanwhile, Play-To-Earn focus has always been to compensate players with in-game tokens that are also inflationary. And at the same time, without any new players joining the game, these tokens quickly lose value, creating the unsustainable in-game economy problem in blockchain gaming as we know it.

Until now, the game’s community has been eagerly awaiting Fableborne’s gameplay reveal and this wait will soon be over. The official Fableborne Trailer Reveal is releasing on September 8th.

Get to know Pixion Games by visiting the website.

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