Sky Mavis extending its builders program with Greenlight

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As part of Axie Infinity’s builders program, Sky Mavis has launched Mavis Hub: Greenlight. With the aim to encourage new game developers in the Axie ecosystem, the initiative enables game makers to share early builds of their games with the community and offers additional tools and potential funding.

More than that, a voting system is introduced to actively engage the community and add competition in the listing of Axie games on the Mavis Hub.

To mark the launch of Greenlight, the platform has published two different games for the community to try out, Mini Tri-Force and Culinary Wars.

In the former, players must protect their Axie clan in a poisoned forest by battling against the youkai. In Culinary Wars players take on the role as chefs, cooking and ensuring customers are served food on time. This also provides a glimpse into Axie’s 3D mixer, which will play a significant part in future Axie experiences. 

Greenlight is currently available via the Mavis Hub desktop app, which is available for PC and Mac here. A browser version will also released soon.

Launched in 2022, the Axie builders program has provided a platform for early games in the Axie ecosystem to take off. Among the early builder games released are Lunacia Cup, Across Lunacia, Tacticards, Axie Infinity War and Inter the Dungeon.

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