Immutable joins AWS’ accelerate program

Blockchain gaming platform Immutable has joined Amazon Web Services’ ISV Accelerate Program, which it hopes will enable it to accelerate growth.

The ISV Accelerate Program is designed for software companies whose platforms run on AWS to directly connect with AWS’ sales team.

In addition, developers using Immutable can also enrol in AWS Activate, which provides benefits such as up to $100,000 in AWS credits plus technical support, training and resources.

Immutable’s platform uses Amazon EventBridge tech and serverless compute service AWS Lambda, which it says has allowed it to handle a 10-fold increase in supported games with over 99 percent uptime.

“Immutable’s core mission is to accelerate and expand web3 game development by offering studios the most comprehensive, powerful, efficient, and user-friendly blockchain platform available,” said Immutable’s CCO Jason Suen.

“By joining AWS ISV Accelerate and AWS Activate programs, we’re able to provide our vast network of game developers with a turnkey solution for quickly building and scaling web3 games. Combined with AWS’s world-leading and secure infrastructure, culture of innovation, and expert resources, we are able to scale globally in the most efficient way possible. This is a pivotal moment that will shape the future of game development.”

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