Gods Unchained rewards now live through Amazon Prime Gaming

Building on its existing promotional work with blockchain games such as Mojo Melee, NFT Rivals and My Pet Hooligan, Amazon Prime Gaming has now signed up with Immutable’s TCG Gods Unchained.

This means players who connect their in-game accounts with Amazon Prime Gaming will gain monthly access to exclusive in-game items.

The free rewards program is live in conjunction with Gods Unchained’s new Far Horizons season two, which brings three additional god powers and a major card expansion set called Tides of Fate. This consists of 142 collectible cards and nine in-game-only chained cards, which are linked to the effects of other cards.

Alongside this promotion, the game is also accelerating its own in-game promotions, particularly for UGC content as part of its Gods Unchained Content Creator Program, which will reward users with up to 6,000 GODS tokens – currently worth around $2,400 – per month, with additional bonuses related to viewership milestones. 

As for the future of Gods Unchained, the big news for 2024 will be the full launch of its mobile version, which is being developed in conjunction with iLogos. A soft launch is expected later in 2023.

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