Foonie Magus’ god game Apeiron leaves Polygon to launch on Ronin

Singapore blockchain game developer Foonie Magus is the latest company to bring a new title to Sky Mavis’ Ronin blockchain.

Following the very successful November launch of social RPG Pixels, Foonie Magus debut release is Apeiron, which is described as a “roguelite card-battler x god simulation game”, inspired by the likes of Populous and Black & White.

It sees players owning, developing and breeding their own planets – which act like land NFTs – then descending in avatar form to defend cute and chubby Doods inhabitants, performing miracles to shape their worlds, and engaging in card-based combat against the forces of the Mad God Chaos. 

Once a planet is completed and all its dungeons defeated, players can destroy it, getting soul gems which are used to power up their spirit core. As well as this gameplay, Foonie Magus has also designed a strong alliance layer, including a specific alliance currency, which is called Ringularity and promotes social gameplay.

A demo combat version of Apeiron is currently available from the Epic Games Store, with the global mobile version, which includes the key PVP mode, expected in early 2024. This will be supported by a token airdrop from early supporters.

Foonie Magus raised $18 million, including a $10 million Series A round, which was led by Hashed in March 2022, and originally planned to launch Apeiron on Polygon, which is where its NFT collections are currently deployed.

“In our search for a blockchain that prioritizes gaming and dedicated support to select projects, Ronin rose to the top. Sky Mavis has demonstrated a deep understanding of the requirements of on-chain game developers, and this shared emphasis on development positioned us as a powerful, synergistic team right from the start,” commented Foonie Magus’ CEO Frank Cheng.

“Through this partnership, we aspire to create an ecosystem that harmonizes creativity, engagement, economic value, and IP success, setting a new benchmark in the gaming industry.”

Find out more at the Apeiron website.

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