MetalCore joins Mon Protocol’s mission platform

Continuing its mission to become a token connecting multiple games, including launch title Pixelmon, the Mon protocol has partnered with PC shooter MetalCore.

As part of the deal, MetalCore players will be able to complete certain quests to earn mission points that will eventually be convertible into MON token, which will enable them to participate in the protocol’s governance, as well as being integrated as a payment system in games including Pixelmon. To-date, over 1.1 million X accounts have signed up to the Mon mission platform.

In terms of the specific MetalCore integration, players will be able to complete Mon-themed quests. This is in addition to the quest system which is live during the current closed beta test, in which players can earn Marks, which will be used to claim MetalCore’s MCG tokens when they go live later in 2024.

“We are thrilled to team up with Mon Protocol to offer our combined player communities an exciting new way to engage with both virtual worlds, earning meaningful and valuable rewards in the process,” said Matt Candler, the CEO of MetalCore developer Studio369.

“This collaboration yet again highlights the immense potential of web3, allowing players to transcend the boundaries of separate game universes thanks to the unprecedented interoperability enabled by blockchain tech.”

You can find out more about MetalCore in our recent interview with CTO Dan Nikolaides.

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