XOCIETY offers triple-A gameplay in the web3 space with Sui

NDUS Interactive has teamed up with Mysten Labs to launch XOCIETY on Sui, offering players a more immersive triple-A experience within the web3 space. The third-person shooter features deep RPG elements and is set to open early access in the fourth quarter of 2024.

In XOCIETY, players can look forward to engaging in PvP battles along with PvE encounters combined with web3 elements. The “Pop Shooter” promises high-quality AAA gameplay as expected from the industry veterans that make up the development team.

Apart from experiences in NCSOFT, Nexon, and Krafton, the team also boasts the talents of Myoungjin Lee, Creative Artist and Author of Ragnarok original, as well as Sang Chung, Business Director and former Head of PlayDapp.

With this partnership, NDUS Interactive aims to aid AAA web3 gaming’s shift into the mainstream, offering players more innovative ways they can take part in this ever-evolving space.

For more info on the game’s development process, you can view the XOCIETY official website, as well as join the community of followers on the official Twitter/X page as well.

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