Kratos Gaming Network launches campaign to empower Indian web3 gamers

India-based web3 gaming community Kratos Gaming Network (KGeN), previously known as IndiGG, has launched an educational campaign on blockchain gaming aimed particularly at students and young Indian gamers.

Spanning over 6 months, the initiative covers the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, and Kolkata, as well as other tier 1, 2, and 3 cities. KGeN hopes to raise awareness of the key benefits of web3 gaming, showcasing it as a gateway to future career prospects, personal growth, and notably, an alternate way to earn income. To that end, the campaign will feature student meetups where gamers share their stories of how they have been enabled to contribute to their families for income.

Other planned activities include college competitions and roundtable discussions with key figures in the space such as educators and psychologists, who will provide knowledge on the future of gaming and blockchain technology. By encouraging a dialogue among students and parents alike, KGeN also hopes to debunk common misconceptions of gaming and web3 and instead emphasise its positive impact and potential future career path.

Currently, KGeN is developing an ecosystem of global gamer data, which is owned by gamers. Its Proof of Gamer (PoG) engine allows users to build, own, flex and monetize their data. The framework can also be accessed by game publishers looking for gamer cohorts to engage with their games.

Kratos Gaming Network, Elder Member Council, Ishank Gupta commented, “Data ownership for gamers will be a game changer for the industry. With this national campaign we intend to empower gamers and make them aware of the new opportunities and possibilities. Data ownership is going to be revolutionary for the industry, and the potential applications extend far beyond gaming.” 

“We’re talking about a fundamental shift in the way we interact with technology, with users taking ownership of their data and shaping the future of the digital world.”

You can learn more via the Kratos Gaming Network website.

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