Lattice’s Redstone mainnet and its first games launch

After a year of development, French developer Lattice has launched its L2 blockchain Redstone mainnet. 

The rollup is an Ethereum L2 based on the Optimism OP Stack, and serves as the underlying protocol to multiple fully onchain games and autonomous worlds. Compared to the majority of web3 games, which have optional blockchain features such as NFTs or crypto rewards, games deploying fully onchain store all of their game logic on the blockchain as a measure to increase their robustness, composability and infinite composition.

Although still regarded to be in its infancy due to the clunky nature of how these games are operated, many industry pioneers predict these games to be the future of where web3 gaming is inevitably going to steer, even if it may take many years.

Alongside the release, Lattice is also running a two-week community spotlight campaign to showcase the projects currently deployed on Redstone. Among notable titles are Sky Strife, Lattice’s own real-time turn-based strategy game in which players compete on islands to be the last remaining settlement, while aiming to capture mines and summon units to expand their armies.

Indeed, it was the development of Sky Strife that led Lattice to build its Redstone infrastructure, in order to be able to deploy a fun fully onchain game cost-efficiently. 

Moreover, as highlighted in a recent interview with Playmint CEO David Amor, autonomous world Downstream, described as “the world’s first Post Singularity Civilisation Simulator”, has also launched on the network. Its daily spotlight is scheduled for 10th May. 

Minecraft-inspired sandbox platform Biomes, also part of the autonomous world genre, in which players can create, mine and craft items, has also gone live. Due to the integration of onchain quest generator ggQuest, players can currently join Biomes games through various quests.

As of 21st May, Icelandic PC game developer CCP Games will kick off its closed playtest of fully onchain EVE Online game Project Awakening, which is built using Lattice’s MUD framework. As details have gradually unveiled about the game, CCP has shared that its vision for Project Awakening is to build open-source and community-driven, making a game that will go on infinitely.

Among other games launching in conjunction with Redstone mainnet is one of the early pioneering fully onchain games, Dark Forest, which has now been revamped and retitled to DF Ares, in addition to ARPA-incubated mobile-game DEAR, Small Brain Games’ Words3, and This Cursed Machine.

You can stay up-to-date with the Redstone community campaign and all its games here.

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