CCP Games drops details about EVE Online web3 game Project Awakening

EVE Online developer CCP Games has dropped some initial details about Project Awakening, its forthcoming blockchain game set in the EVE universe. More broadly, the news also reveals where the game developer of 21 years is heading.

“Designed with player empowerment at its heart, Project Awakening is being developed as a single-shard survival experience built upon the principles of freedom, consequence, and mastery within a living universe. A universe that will evolve from the actions and efforts of its players,” as per the announcement.

First up, the studio has scheduled its next closed playtest, Phase III, which will start 21st May. 

Being more than just another playtest however, Phase III will allow players to engage with programmable game systems and build their own features and functionality within the world, similar to how Playmint’s Downstream and multiple other fully onchain games invite their communities into the development process. 

To that point, CCP has also announced that the game will be built on Lattice’s MUD framework, which is designed for fully onchain games running on Ethereum and EVM blockchains. While using CCP’s inhouse cross-platform Carbon Development Platform for the frontend, the developer also emphasises its intention to make Project Awakening an open source project as part of its commitment to decentralization.

“We have been co-developing games with players for over 20 years: by making the Carbon Development Platform open source we are now taking the next step in this journey. Our vision is to open up game development to everyone. Whether you are a player, a developer, or a programmer, we want to empower you in building virtual worlds. As part of this, we are excited to reveal the first details about Project Awakening, which embodies this philosophy. Players will have a new series of tools at their disposal to add their own features and functionality to the experience,” commented CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson.

Project Awakening is described as a single-shard survival game set in a dark and dystopic part of space where humanity has come to ruin and fights to survive while rebuilding a broken world. In March 2023, CCP announced it had raised $40 million for the development of the game.

Users interested in applying for the playtest, can sign up here.

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