$75 million worth of RON staked for Apeiron APRS token

With the general positive trajectory in web3 and gaming tokens, and the continuous growth of Ronin in particular, it’s not surprising to see that Apeiron’s APRS token is in high demand.

Indeed, following the announcement of the APRS token sale on Ronin, the network saw an increase in DAUW, from 800,000 to over 1 million. Of course, much of the activity on Ronin is thanks to the most popular web3 game right now, Pixels, continuously onboarding new players.

In terms of Apeiron’s token sale, we recently reported it had raised a total of $660,000 in the first round, which was limited to Apeiron NFT holders. That allocation sold out in under a minute. 

In the second community round, the allocated tokens sold out in under 4 minutes, raising a total of 18 million APRS, worth $1.98 million.

Next up is the token sale among Ronin’s community members, which starts on 15th March. This batch features $440,000 worth of tokens. To be eligible, users must hold staked RON, wRON, in their Ronin wallet, and not a small number of users seems to want a piece of the cake.

According to new figures dropped on Apeiron’s X account, over 17.2 million wRON, worth $74.5 million, has been staked for APRS allocations.

To take part in the Ronin community round, users must stake their RON via the Ronin launchpad. The staking window closes on 15th March, after which the allocation follows.

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