Apeiron’s APRS marks first token sale on Ronin

Singaporean web3 game developer Foonie Magus has announced it’s issuing a governance token for its rougelite x god hybrid card-battler Apeiron. With its forthcoming sale on Ronin, the event also marks a milestone as the first token sale taking place on the network.

As such, the APRS token aims to support both the Apeiron and Ronin ecosystems, with a first token sale of 15 million APRS available exclusively to Apeiron NFT holders on 12th March, followed on 15th March by 4 million tokens up for sale among Ronin’s community members. These allocations will be based on the amount of staked wRON tokens. Additionally, the unlimited sale will be allocated 1.6 million APRS. The price of each token is $0.11.

While APRS’ utility entails breeding Apeiron planet NFTs, staking and gacha, its main purpose is as a governance token, complementing Apeiron’s existing in-game token ANIMA. To create a sustainable gaming ecosystem, APRS will also be subject to a vesting and unlock schedule. 20% will be unlocked at the token generating event followed by a 2 month cliff, and then 80% block by block vesting over 18 months.

APRS will be the third gaming-specific token issued by a third-party developer on Ronin, in addition to Cyberkongz’s recently issued BANANA token and Pixels’ PIXEL. In addition to those are Axie Infinity’s AXS and SLP tokens.

More generally, Foonie Magus has benefitted greatly since migrating Apeiron from Polygon to Ronin in December 2023. With a mere 50 monthly active users before the move, it’s now got over 27,000 MAU, who are involved in its token prelaunch activities.

Find more deets about taking part in the APRS sale via Ronin’s official newsletter.

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